How To Get Beach Body Ready

How To Get Beach Body Ready

How to get beach body ready...well, it's as simple as putting your favourite swimwear on your beautiful body and getting yourself to the beach! Shopping for swimwear should't be on your list of most dreaded things to do, we want you feeling confident, comfortable and loving the skin you're in! We are about all women, at every stage, in every size, shape and form. Here are our tips to getting beach body ready and enjoying the holidays.

Find a swimsuit that fits YOU well

Picking the right swimsuit can make all the difference. Do you feel more comfortable in a one piece swimsuit or a bikini?  Pick a swimsuit or bikini that emphasises your favourite features, we are always quick to find our flaws, but what about our best bits?! Finding a swimsuit that fits you well is the key to feeling confident and comfortable, whether you need a bikini with support and lift, a one piece for a longer torso, or the perfect colour for your skin tone, there’s options for every body. Choosing a swimsuit in quality fabric, in the right size for you and the most comfortable cut for you is part of what will have you feeling your best. Do you always get compliments on your long legs, or your cute bum, or do you have a beautiful decollage? Go on and flaunt it, highlighting your favourite features is going to help you look in the mirror and focus on all your fabulousness. 




Be true to YOU

Feel more comfortable in a high waisted bottom, choose that, feel more comfortable in a surf suit, then that’s the right choice for you! There is absolutely no need to conform to what society (or sometimes our own theories) about what we should or shouldn’t be wearing. The most important choice is whatever has YOU feeling confident, comfortable and just like yourself! There is no rule book that says mothers should wear a certain type of swimwear, or over 50’s should wear another type of swimwear, the only secret to a bikini body is physically putting yourself in a bikini! If you love bright colours, then wear the bright colours, if you’re always comfortable in blacks and neutrals, then that’s your style and you should own it. There is a swimwear choice for everybody, and the only person making the choice between bandeau, halter, cheeky cut or one piece, is YOU!


surf suit


Find your tribe

Surround yourself with people who support, inspire and motivate. We are our own worst critics, so why surround yourself with people who judge, criticise and pull you down? A network of women, family and friends who all value each other for who they are and find the positives rather than the flaws. And this goes both ways, we should never be sitting back and judging other women for their swimwear (or any other) choices, women empowering women is what we are ALL about. Seeing YOU rocking YOUR beach style is what we love to see and we will always be your fan club. It’s hard enough listening to your own inner criticisms let alone having to listen to them from others too, find your tribe, the people who light up your life and see the light in you.



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