Infamous Bums Fit Guide

Infamous Bums Fit Guide


The 101 on how to fit your child's new Infamous Bums Nappy.


Your child's new infamous bum cloth nappy consists of 3 pieces. 

  1. The nappy shell 
  2. A snap Insert
  3. An additional large anchor set 

Infamous Bums is a trim one fits all. It suits children from 3.5 kgs to 15 - 17 kgs (depending on your individual child) every ‘body’ is different, you may need to adjust your child's fit depending on their growth and development. 

Help Me Find The Correct Fit!

The Infamous Bum Cloth Nappy & Swim Nappy have 4 rows of snap buttons to help adapt the nappy to your child's body. 

Use the row of snaps across the front of the nappy to tailor the nappy to fit around the waist and legs as your baby grows. The snap buttons along the top of the waist band extend along the nappy wings to enable multiple size options for your bubs waist. 

*Infamous Tip: You have a Newborn - Congrats! The snap buttons along the nappy wings can overlap to the corresponding nappy wing for a smaller fit.

How do I use the nappy Inserts? 

For best use of your Infamous Bum Cloth Nappy - Insert the snap insert through the opening in the back of the nappy shell. One snap insert is ample on younger bubs, as nappy changes occur more often. Add the additional large anchor set for extra absorbency by folding it in half and moulding it to your child as needed for comfort. You can spot if your child needs extra absorbency, if the inserts are soaked through at change time. 

*Infamous Tip: Lets get comfy! Face the larger end of the additional large anchor set towards the back of a nappy for extra coverage. 

**The swim nappy doesn't use inserts so just skip past that bit.

designer bums fit guide for infamous swim infamous bums collection

How do I fit the nappy to my child? 

Place the unsnapped nappy shell with inserts placed inside on a flat surface. Lay your child on top of the shell with the back of the nappy sitting across the top of the bottom. Lift the front of the nappy over the front of the hips; the nappy should fit just under the belly button, with the leg elastic seam within the groin crease.

Snap the nappy into place by stretching the nappy wings across your child's waist and using the snap buttons to create the best fit for your child. The nappy bum should not hang low or be digging into your child, adjust the snap buttons as needed or put the Infamous Bum Nappy across higher on the bottom. 

Lets Adjust The Nappy (Trust me… don’t miss this step!)

Once the nappy is on your child check if the fabric is baggy between the legs and if the inserts are secured against the baby. When fitted well, there will be no gaps - this is to avoid any ‘interesting’ fluids falling out 😉

Time for the nappy test! 

Use two fingers along the waistband to test if the nappy is too tight and that that the nappy is comfortable when your child is sitting up. Check that the leg and back elastics are not digging in and are comfortable. 

Finally, the final touch! Push any excess fabric upward or tuck any unneeded fabric flat inside the shell. 

*Infamous Tip: You can make the nappy trimmer by shortening the front of the nappy. This is done by snapping the buttons a row lower. 

Infamous swim bums with designer bums

Some Next Level Tips For Your Child’s Nappy

  1. Just like our own bodies, your child's body will develop and grow like no tomorrow! It’s best to keep in mind you may need to alter your child's sizing & absorbency fit often. 
  2. If your child is in the largest fit, don’t stress! Infants generally hit a ‘peak chub’ just before 12 months and slim down when they begin hitting physical milestones, such as walking. 
  3. If you are seeing sagging or large gaps around the leg and tummy, you may need to adjust to a smaller size setting. 
  4. If you are seeing red marks or indentations on the hips or legs, that do not disappear when you adjust the wings; you may need a larger size setting or to adjust the inserts on your child.
  5. If you change the rise, you may need to adjust the waist & pull the whole shell up higher at the front and back of the waist.

Infamous Bums with infamous swim & designer bums 

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