Reflecting on Infamous Swim

Reflecting on Infamous Swim

As we navigate this unexpected and difficult time, I am doing some major reflecting. Reflecting on me as a person, an individual and also reflecting on Infamous Swim as a business.

You see, when I acquired Infamous Swim, I was diving into a deep ocean of the unknown. The owner before me (hey gorgeous, you know who you are) had set the standard and I was to keep the wheels spinning. How? At first, I didn't really know where to start. No risk, no reward, right? So, I dived right on in!

My first task was to truly map out how I was to market Infamous Swim that was a testament to my beliefs and my personality. But how the hell was I going to make this work with next to no experience in swimwear (and heavily saturated market mind you) to make it in the big wide world?

Sure, I had loads of retail experience which meant I knew the art of how to sell products, but I knew I didn't want to be ‘just another swimwear brand’ that ‘sells’ products. I wanted something more. I wanted to build a community of empowered women and people. I wanted to build a brand that became a household name - for more reasons than just a retail store.

Then, after many sleepless nights and brainstorming, I launched Mini Swim. When I put it out there, Infamous Swim blew up overnight, in a VERY good way.

mum and mini swimwear family beach day leopard print bathers

The idea of matching mother and daughter swimwear is innovative, value-adding and just quirky enough. Buyers are falling in love - with Mums across the world jumping on this new trend. As a mum myself, I felt this new path for Infamous was the perfect combination. I was able to truly connect to my audience and provide what they really want. Plus, it's just so damn cute, am I right?

I wake up every morning so excited about seeing new tags on Instagram of families wearing my brand and I really get a kick out of seeing all these beautiful mums showing off their bodies. Which then led me down a new path...

Because of all my inspirational customers and supporters, I knew I needed to dig deeper into the very ‘being’ of why Infamous Swim exists. I needed to shift the game slightly to truly align with my own values.

Then our empowerment mission was born.

Repeat after me ladies "I am more than my body, I am empowered".

“I am beautiful. My body is beautiful”

You are more than just your body! You are beautiful - inside and out. These amazing vessels of ours do a lot more than just appear a certain way!

I wanted to DRILL this mantra into everyone. We see so many brands flaunting what society classifies as ‘bikini bodies’ to market themselves. But doesn't everybody have a ‘bikini body’? We all have bodies, and we can all wear bikinis - so why should society be painting a picture of what everyone should look like. It's just plain silly, and definitely not a true testament to my brand.

There is a bangin’ bod in all of us - trust me - you only have to check out our Instagram to see all the beautiful shapes and sizes we post.

Because of the above, I needed to do something more…and it's one thing I am so proud of.

I built an army of beautiful women to come together. We all got our gear off and we all posed for the camera. What a beautiful sight it was! I had messages all over the world telling me how amazing all these women were. I even got my gear off myself and I’m more of a ‘behind the camera’ type of gal.

empowering women body positive swimwear for all women from petite to plus size

That army of women are also now my tribe. They’re in my corner, and I’m in theirs. Empowered women, empower women, right?

Through this campaign, I wanted to lift everyone up. Empower them to get their own gear off and flaunt their bodies - whether they were wearing Infamous or not, I didn't care, I just wanted to see everyone getting involved. To say my heartstrings were well and truly pulled, is an understatement.

Not only have I sold plenty of swimwear to some beautiful people, I have achieved my dream of building a community. I don't believe that Infamous is ‘just another swimwear brand’. We are messengers of self-love, confidence, empowerment and we all share a love for swimming, holidays and most importantly, our families.

Many little girls grow up dreaming about becoming a fashion designer. It’s an alluring career for any style-loving girl. Yet, most of these dreams do not come true. In an overcrowded retail market, you have to earn your place in the spotlight. Right now, as I reflect on how far we have come, I feel like I’ve finally earned my place.

What's more special about my journey is that I have met so many beautiful women, mums, men, I have found my tribe and have truly found my own passion in life.

Thank you to our supporters for making last year a mammoth year and sticking with us in this crazy time. I’m so proud to have connected with each and every one of you. Thank you for your feedback, sharing your life with us and allowing us to see you enjoy wearing Infamous. To my Infamous team, you are absolute gold.

I may have had dreams and goals, but we would be nothing without all of you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you xxx



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