Take The Quiz To See Who Gets Your Infamous Swim Rose

Take The Quiz To See Who Gets Your Infamous Swim Rose

Ok, so we're going to come clean on our dirty little secret...when it comes to our must watch binge session, we can't go past The Bachelorette and The Bachelor. Infamous Swim are on a mission to find your perfect match, when it comes to swimwear we want you to be head over heels in love. So...if Infamous Swim was The Bachelor, who would get your rose? 🌹

🌹 Your rose goes to...


She's the total package right?! We're not surprised she's scored the final rose because she ticks all the boxes; confidence boosting, supportive and she's got you covered through every life stage. Gia is classically gorgeous and perfectly flattering, she's an ideal match for lazy beach days, to active adventures right through your love life journey to bump, babies and beyond. 

Gia bikini top


Beauty and brains, whilst Scarlett clearly has the looks, she's also clever, adaptable and uplifting. You'll never have to sacrifice when Scarlett's your pick, she's adjustable, accepting and totally willing to change to suit your needs and your mood. We're sure it was love at first sight when Scarlett stepped out of the limo, and now you can see there's more than meets the eye, you're head of heels in love.

scarlett bikini top


Active, sporty and adventurous, Blake will be with you from dawn patrol to sunset. You'll love the security, protection and support that Blake provides, but she's not just about function, she's equally about form, there's be compliments, flattery and feel good vibes from this beauty. 

blake surf suit


Elegant, charming and glamorous, a classic love story. You'll be forever in awe of how effortlessly smouldering Miranda is, yet she's not selfish, she's all about highlighting your best bits and complimenting you! You'll be the one feeling comfortable, well cared for and like a Hollywood movie star. 

Miranda One Piece


You've been seduced by the sleek and seductive Carrie! She might have won you over with her sultry good looks, but there's another side to Carrie. What really cinched the deal is her playful nature and her adjustability, equally fond of romantic long walks on the beach as she is of poolside cocktails, there's a little party animal in Carrie and you've been charmed. 

carrie bikini top


Your best friend and your lover, there's no wonder Candice got your rose. There's an understated sexiness to Candice that gets heads turning, but she's really here to boost your confidence and make sure you're comfortable. She's got you covered (and uncovered) in all the right places, Candice is a forever love.  

candice one piece

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