Why reusable swim nappies?

Why reusable swim nappies?
Embracing simple pleasures such as swimming at the beach or pool can be interesting in the first few months of your child’s life.
Creating family memories comes with the awkward management of you guessed it…the wee and poo-producing babe, that leaves you running to the change station at the speed of light.
Reusable swim nappies are here to save the day!
Reusable swim nappies

Infamous Swim has partnered with Designer Bums for the cutest bums this season. Reusable swim nappies are designed to catch those dreaded number two’s but allow urine to pass through. As swim nappies are worn in the water it’s essential for swim nappies not to have absorbent parts. Infamous Bums reusable nappies are lined with quick-dry wicking jersey to ensure that the swim nappy provides comfort against your child’s skin, without any harsh chemicals that may cause skin irritation or leak into the water.

I guess you’re wondering what the benefits are for you? We understood the assignment 😉

Here is a list for you!

  1. Infamous Bum Swim Nappies are economical! Screw purchasing a nappy each time. It’s designed for children weighing 3.5kg to 15kg plus (it depends on your babes body shape) meaning you get longevity out of the product. Tell us, how much money are you saving on nappies again?
  2. Infamous Bum Swim nappies are a low tox option. 
  3. One size fits all! Infamous Bums are made with rows of button snaps along the waist and front of the nappy making the Infamous Bum Nappy adjustable as your child grows. Check out our fit guide to get the best secure fit for your little one.
  4. Infamous Bums are made to be lightweight for little ones experiencing water early in their childhood.

So, if you're looking for the perfect swim nappy this Summer, check out our Infamous Bums Swim Nappy & Cloth Nappy to match with our babes swimwear this season. 

For more info on how to keep your cloth nappies clean and bright, check out: https://cleanclothnappies.com/ 

Does the thought of tying a cloth nappy make you just stop and groan in your tracks? Check out this awesome tutorial by OH NO Rachioon how to properly tie a cloth nappy: http://youtube.com/watch?v=OVfbrakUzvs  

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