R&B star Ciara in British Vogue

R&B star Ciara in British Vogue

The team here at Infamous Swim having been holding on to a secret for months, and months. Back in April we received an email that Ciara was interested in wearing our swimwear, for a shoot she was doing with British Vogue...OMG!

For a pretty new on the block Aussie swim company this is huge! 

Not to mention that our warehouse team are massive R&B fans and have Ciara on repeat almost daily, and our GM is Vogue has been obsessed with Vogue since she was a teenager. 

You never know if these things are going to really happen, we were super excited to open British Vogue last week and see Ciara in our best selling Safari Leopard print bikini.

Pinch me, it's really happening, Infamous Swim is in British Vogue on an international super star!

Read the full article here.

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